Who are the big stars who have stayed away from superhero movies?

 There have been a lot of big names who have always avoided superhero films over the years, but did you know that some of these stars never even heard about these superhero films when they were first developed? Here are some of the most famous names that never saw a superhero movie.

Well, there is an answer to this question. They never heard about them before they started looking for their own franchise. So they would not be in the movies anyway.

Of course, we can still say that Ben Affleck is a great actor, but he was too young at the time. He has now gotten older and he is no longer the young man we once knew. However, he has definitely become one of the biggest stars on the planet today. He does not have to make movies like Batman and Superman to be successful as an actor, so that was probably one reason why he was so hesitant to get into the acting industry.

Brad Pitt is another of the big stars that never got the chance to be in a superhero movie. He was so young at the time that he did not have time for all the type of movies that are being made right now.

The other two big names that never even considered doing a superhero movie are George Clooney and Tom Cruise. Even, though they have both gotten pretty good reviews recently with the recent movies that they have been involved in, they have always said that they do not want to do any movies like that. Maybe they thought that they would not get the kind of reviews that they have gotten in the last few years.

If these big names have any regrets about not having the chance to be in a superhero movie, they do not let on. However, they do know that there are many people who have tried and failed at it, so they should really have more patience before they decide if they are going to try or not.

One of the big names that have stuck around is Robert Downey Jr., because he did go through a difficult time and he really wanted to do the Superman movies and Batman movies. He actually told one of his producers to sit down and talk to him and try to figure out what he needs to do to get the part of Superman in a superhero movie.

But Downey really decided that he did not want to do it and the producer said that he would leave the film if Downey did not take the role. He then called up one of the producers to tell him to come back for the second film, and then the producer said that he would not be in it because the original director was fired.

Those were some of the big stars that have stayed away from the superhero genre. They might have had different reasons for not getting the roles that they wanted, but they might have also felt that they could not get the right parts.

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