The most impressive feature of TIFA FF7 is the huge amount of action that takes place in the game world. In this game, there are over four thousand locations and over forty-five different characters who can be encountered.

Players have the opportunity to follow the character's journey through the game as he or she takes part in all the battles that take place. Some of the more interesting battles that take place in this game include the battle with Barret in Rocket Town and the encounter with Cloud and Tifa at Sector 8. During the latter, Cloud and Tifa become friends and they become good friends with each other.

Character customization has become a very common feature in games today. In the game of TIFA FF7, players are given a lot of options to modify the look of their characters. They can choose from various types of clothes and accessories as well. For example, players are allowed to make their character's skin color look dark, light, or a combination of both.

Since Cloud is the protagonist of this game, there are a number of different things that can be customized about him such as his hair style, his clothing, and even his hairstyle. You can also choose between a short hair style or a long one. There are also two hair colors available for Cloud. These are white and black.

Another feature that you can customize about your character is his or her character's attire. As it can be expected, these are all customized in a similar manner. Most of the characters in this game have their own unique attire such as Barret's hat, Tifa's coat, Cloud's vest, Aerith's dress, Yuffie's hair piece, Vincent's gloves, etc. The only exception to this is Barret, who wears a similar outfit to the one worn by Tifa. There is also the option to make the clothes of Vincent's brother Vincent look similar to each other.

If you are a newcomer to the series, you can also play as a newcomer character in this game and see how they look like. You will be able to get a better idea of how to play as a character of the series after you are familiarized with the game's graphics. As a beginner, you may want to start playing as a character in the lower levels and work your way up to the higher ones.

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